Welcome to Paper Trail Beads! Our site features a weekly blog of upcycling crafty ideas, along with video tutorials for some of our favorite projects. Create your own eco-friendly jewelry with our handcrafted paper beads and project kits, available right here in our store. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter for discounts, giveaways, and related news.¬† Come join the green community and pave your paper trail to a happy heart one bead at a time… Or more. We won’t tell.


Paper Trail Beads is an environmentally conscious mother daughter team from Las Vegas, Nevada.They love to experiment and see what creative combinations of utility and beauty they can come up with using various items that have reached the end of their “shelf life.”¬†They specialize in recycled and re-purposed crafting, with a focal point on handcrafted paper beads which can be purchased from the online store.


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